Sinful Decorations

 Sin had learned that the problem with having multiple partners was that they tended to gang up on you. In a party that consisted of eight people, at least three of them had decided to pick on her specifically. Miria hadn’t stopped whispering in her ear since she sat back down. She was being teased about her crush on Lea.

 Miria breathed into her ear quiet enough that nobody else would hear, “You always wear the earrings Lea got you when you’re going to be around her, don’t you Darling? You aren’t even that diligent about wearing your wedding ring when you’re with your spouse. How unfaithful could you get?”

 Chris — Miria’s wife, and one of Sin’s two girlfriends — was busy on the far side of the sectional comparing tattoos with Lea. Lea had just pulled her pants down to show off her injection site tattoo. Sin had seen pictures of it online already.

 Miria pulled up Sin’s skirt to bare her thigh to everyone, before running her fingers gentle across the pale flesh. “You should get one too,” her voice was so soft and quiet in Sin’s ear, “I think it would look good.”

 Sin squirmed as her eat was nibbled at. “I don’t know what to do for one.”

 “I do,” she whispered and pulled away. She spoke over some of the noise, “Chris, dear, can you get some photos of Lea’s tattoos.”

 Sin attempted to pull her skirt back down now that attention had been drawn directly to them but was stopped by a firm hand.

 Lea allowed Chris the privilege. Chris was the nonbinary queen of body modification. She was covered in tattoos and scars — the scars ranged from surgical, to tragic accidents, to sex-involved incidents. Lea and Chris had started getting along the moment they’d met.

 Chris quickly texted the photos to Miria before asking, “What’s up?”

 Miria ran her hand across Sin’s exposed thigh — again — slowly and smiled, “I think I want to put a matching one here.”


 Her hand snapped up from caressing her thigh to holding Sin by the face, forcing her silence and pulling her in close. Her voice was no longer a whisper, but a stage whisper. The rest of her teasing was for everyone to hear.

 “You haven’t taken your eyes off Lea since she showed up, and I know you didn’t pick your outfit for me or your spouse. You want her to see you, don’t you?”

 Sin grumbled, pushing Miria’s hand away. She wasn’t going to lie about it, but she had wanted to avoid bringing it up in conversation. Feelings got scary when they became words.

 “No, no. Stop that,” Miria’s voice did the thing. Some otherworldly tone under the sweet delivery. It was her dominant voice. “I told you I wanted you to stop burying all those feelings of yours. I want to see you acknowledge and embrace them. And I will carve those feelings into your flesh to make sure you never forget them if that’s what it takes.”

 She took a breath to continue but Sin interrupted, finally. Sternly, but quietly. “Stop.”

 The bullying was over. At least this conversation was. Miria stood up and moved to embrace and fondle Sin’s wife. Chris didn’t seem to get the memo.

 “Bah,” Chris let out a theatre sigh. “Getting my hopes up. What do you want to put there, Sin?”

 “I said stop. I didn’t say no. I’ll put whatever you two decide wherever you want me to,” Sin responded flatly. She didn’t know if she’d hid her embarrassment well or not.

 Chris had been moving towards the kitchen but averted course to scold Sin. “I asked what you want.”

 Sin motioned for Chris to come closer and snatched at Chris’s collar to pull her down. “Miria can poke fun because she remembers the stakes, but it looks like you need a reminder. What I want is for you two to paint and decorate my body as you want.”

 Sin took a sip and continued. The rest of the party had mostly quieted to watch this unfold.

 “This isn’t apathy, or uwu-bottom indecisiveness. This was the responsibility you were given. You are free to tattoo me, pierce me, whatever. I will veto anything that would make me very uncomfortable. But it’s really unlikely.”

 Chris grabbed the wrist she was using to hook her collar and grinned. “Why don’t we get a big backpiece done? Something really graphic.” A joke.

 “Unlike you and Lea, I’m not a masochist, and I have a low tolerance for pain. But I will do it if that’s what you decide. I will sit for hours upon hours under the needle, and when the pain has faded, my tears have dried, and the blood has been washed away, your decision will have been carved into my flesh. Forever.”

 Chris’s demeanour changed. Sin, Miria and Chris had this conversation at length over a year ago. Since then, Miria had decorated her arm and shoulder with butterflies. The details were probably returning to Chris.

 “I trust you both, implicitly. I trust that when you make a decision, it is because you think it will look good on me. That you are treating my body with care and respect. That you wouldn’t hurt me for a laugh or leave me with something you’d regret.”

 Sin sighed and rolled her shoulder, it had gotten sore from how she’d been laying on Miria. “If you don’t think you can bear the weight of that trust, then just shut the fuck up. Don’t treat me like a joke.”

 Chris nodded, “I’m sorry I’d forgotten how serious you were about that. And, er, thank you for trusting me so much.” She finally stood up straight, a bit more awkward and flustered than moments before.

 Miria’s voice erupted from the far side of Sin’s spouse, who was by now very well-fondled. “Lea! Would you be uncomfortable if I put a matching tattoo on my darling? I don’t want to make things weird between you two, after all.”

 Lea had been grinning beside her current date, following along out of genuine interest. “Oh! I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m not against it, though! Go for it.”

 The two exchanged contact information to get ahold of the tattoo reference and other things. Sin simply collapsed into her spouse’s lap, attempting to mentally prepare herself for what was to come.  She’d already decided she would go along with it. It wasn't like she hadn't confessed her crush multiple times – or at least she had given it her best shot – but now it would be stronger than words and so much more terrifying.