Sinful Decorations, pt. 2

A little after lunchtime. Rake was still working at home, probably in their fourth meeting of the day. Sin decided to visit her girlfriends instead of pestering her spouse. And now she was on their couch being pestered by Chris while Miria cleaned.

Another string of drool ran down Sin's chin as Chris pinched her tongue, pulling it forwards. "I think you could do with a piercing here," Chris shook it for effect, "That would be fun."

Miria passed through the living room carrying something – Sin didn't have the luxury of turning around to check what – and stated simply, "Vetoed."

Chris groaned and let go. "What's the point if you're going to shoot down everything I suggest?"

Sin wiped her mouth. "I don't mind," she said.

"Quiet." Two voices, in unison. Did they fucking practice that?

Miria slid onto the couch behind her and pulled her close. One hand slipped under Sin's shirt and played with her nipple while the other lifted her face for effect. "This is between us, darling, stay out of it," she said in her talking-to-Sin voice before switching to her regular voice to address her wife. "I'm vetoing all of your suggestions because they're for you. I won't let you poke holes in my darling for some sense of ownership."

Chris groaned, leaning back into the far corner of the sectional. Sin's eyes traced her favorite scars under Chris's bike shorts an sports bra. Tight, defined muscles. Arms and legs painted like an incoherant, vaguely terrifying dreamscape. How did Miria ever get anything done?

"How is that different from what you've done?" A genuine question.

Miria's fingers dragged heavily down Sin's neck and across to her shoulder. They traced the four – no, five. there was one on the back she always forgot about – butterflies. She hummed lightly, rolling an answer around in her brain.

Miria clasped a hand over Sin's mouth the moment she was about to chime in. "It's just like those earrings Lea bought you, darling. You wore them every time you'd be in the same place as her. But," Miria nibbled at her ear, teeth clinking against the rings, "you didn't last time, did you?"

"What's your point?" Sin grumbled.

Miria's hand pressed against her thigh and traced circles around the injection bandage. She already knew what her point was.

"Did you think of her when you did it? I bet you sent her a picture of it this morning. Did you?"

Sin attempted to squirm away. Some things were too embarassing to admit even if it was only in front of Miria. Sin's phone buzzed briefly on the table, but Miria coiled around her to keep her in place. Her breath was hot against her ear.

"Even if nothing comes of your feelings, you can't hide them anymore. Every time she looks at you she'll know. The same way you know each of these butterlies mark a bruise I left for your spouse to find. Did Rae realize that, darling? Or is it still our little secret?"

Sin choked on the word stop. It wouldn't come out. It was just one syllable. She could wimper Miria's name. She could plead. But she couldn't say the only important thing.

"Shame. Longing. Oh, if I could tear your broken little heart from your chest and show it to the world, I would, my love. But for now, all I can do is pick up the pieces I find and sitch them in place so you'll never lose them."

Miria release Sin, who spilled onto the floor between the couch and the table. The floor was fine. Being restrained and molested while Miria whispered things in her ear was always more than she could handle. Miria was holding back and it was still too much.

"Oh, darling, tell Rae to come over once they finish work. We'll have dinner." Miria placed Sin's phone down in front of her. "Does that make it clear, Christina?"

"Nah, not really," Chris sounded bored, "The only thing that I do get is that whatever the two of you are doing is way out of my league. But you've always been way better at that psychological shit than me."

"It's called, romance!"