[NSFW] No Pets on the Furniture

Riley had trouble sleeping alone. There hadn't been a time when it became a problem since Christy moved in. Unfortunately she had some time planned with her new boyfriend, so Riley's usual travel partner was unavailable. Since she had already paid for two tickets, Miria agreed to come along despite their travel anxiety.

Not that Riley had helped soothe than anxiety. She wasn't explicitly planning on using any of them, but she made Miria pack as many toys in their carry-on could reasonably hold. Riley's heart aflutter watching Miria squirm under the judging eyes of the TSA agents as her bag passed through the scanner. A curly pig tail butt plug, matching ears and rubber pig nose, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a big apple-red ball gag (not that the agents could see the color on the x-ray), and a random pair of dildos she had snatched off the shelf of their bedroom just in case the rest of the gear didn't shout "I'm a huge slutty pervert" clearly enough. She might have thrown in more if Miria's meager shoulder bag wasn't already above capacity.

In Riley's own bag: Miria's pink leather collar and the matching chain and leather leash. It was important to her that she had the collar, since she wasn't going to ask Miria to wear it while in public. The fantasy was always in the back of Riley's mind, but so was the completely unfounded fear that she'd actually agree to it. Riley liked to talk big, but she was a big ball of anxiety and her own embarrassment would outweigh the fun of Miria's.

After ten hours of airplanes and airports, and passing through both CTSA and TSA, Miria was clearly exhausted. She did little more than grunt in the taxi from the airport to the hotel. Maybe she's mad, Riley thought, she's definitely mad at me. Miria spent most of the trip staring out the window. Definitely mad.

Check-in was smooth. No hiccups. They had their room keys within five minutes - electronic check-in was bliss. Two queen beds, a mini-fridge, a big TV for watching movies, and a big full-wall window facing the street to parade Miria in front of if she could work up the nerve to do it. Maybe the night before they leave? Riley was blushing at the idea before she had even slid the room key in.

She let Miria drag herself in first. Miria made an exaggerated show of dumping both her bags on one of the beds before flopping herself backwards onto the other with a loud groan. Maybe she wasn't mad, just tired. Well, she thought, you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. Riley cleared her throat as she walked past Miria to the second bed.

"No pets on the furniture," Riley stated flatly. Does she want to play, Riley wondered, or is she not interested right now?

Miria rolled over on the bed and grunted indistinctly into a pillow. That wasn't a no. She put her duffle bag onto the second bed beside Miria's bags. Probe more, there's still a chance, Riley.

Riley pushed her shoulder bag back so it wouldn't swing in as she did this. She climbed onto the bed, grabbed Miria's shoulder, pulled her onto her back, and straddled her at the waist. It felt like it was smooth. Miria had moved her arm so it lay across the upper half of her face.

Oh no, Riley though as she pushed Miria's arm above her head. The afternoon light diffused through the sheer curtains, casting a soft glow over Miria's angellic features. Don't get flustered. They met eyes.

"Fuck off," Miria growled. Her nostrils flared, and her eyes narrowed. A challenge.

A predatory, as described by Christy, grin spread across Riley's face. She leaned forwards harder, pinning Miria's wrist above her head. Riley brought her other hand up and pushed Miria's nose up. "Too late for that now, piggy."

Miria blushed, trying to squirm away - testing Riley's grip. Judging how tight Riley's grip was going to be. They would both adjust, Miria struggling harder if Riley's pin reciprocated. The weight of anxiety lifted from Riley's shoulders. A game had started.

"I said fuck off." Miria tried to twist her head away uselessly from Riley's finger.

"Squeal piggy," Riley taunted. Miria shook her head. This time more forcefully, "Squeal."

Miria's face was getting redder, and soon her ears would be catching up. She relented, snorting and squealing in her unexpectedly accurate imitation. She blinked away the beginning of tears as Riley pulled back. Riley maintained eye contact as she reached back and fished Miria's collar out of her bag.

She let Miria's arm go as she pulled Miria's head forwards, slipping the soft pink leather around the back of her neck. She was a little forceful in buckling the collar even though Miria had already given in. Now it was time to just push her around.

Riley brushed the ring the bell and tag hung off of, reveling in the soft clatter. The thick silver tag had one word engraved in bold on it's surface: "PIG".

She closed her eyes, remembering the first time she had made Miria laugh hard enough she started snorting in front of Miria's friends. "Think that's funny, piggy?" Riley had teased. Her friends teased her too for about a month before someone else became the butt of everyone's joke. Oh Riley, she thought now, you're just the worst. But she had to deal with Miria and her friends teasing her over everything for years, so maybe this is just karma.

She opened her eyes, looking down at her prey. Riley adjusted herself on Miria, and pushed her glasses back up. She looped her finger through the ring on the collar and drew Miria up towards her until their noses were practically touching.

"No pets on the furniture. Are we clear?" Riley snarled. Miria nodded timidly. Seeing her vulnerable always made Riley weak in the knees - she was always so assertive and sarcastic, seeing her falter was almost too much. "Good. Take off your clothes, be a good little piggy, and get us unpacked. I'm going to go get some drinks for us."

Riley dismounted, and rolled off the bed. Miria laid motionless as Riley strolled out of the room. As she opened the door to leave she could hear Miria squealing and whining wordlessly. The moment the door closed behind her she fell against the wall, breathing raggedly with her heart in her throat. This break would let them both reset after such a tense start.

Riley steeled herself, thinking over how she wanted her return to play out. When she couldn't figure it out she took several deep breathes to calm down. They knew each other so well, neither of them could fuck this up. She slid in the card, waited for the beep, and pushed the door open.

Miria shuffled awkwardly in the middle of the room. It looked like she couldn't decide whether she should be sitting on the floor or standing somewhere. She stood now exposed to the hallway and fidgeting, trying not to instinctively cover herself.

Riley had the door propped wide open with her foot. A six pack of some cheap beer for Miria in one hand, and some bottles of water and soda in a bag in the other. "Come take this," she beckoned with the six pack.

Miria took half a step forward before locking eyes with her. Riley narrowed her eyes, predatory grin exposing her canines. Miria stopped and reluctantly dropped to her knees and began crawling towards the open door. Riley bit her lip, trying not to laugh, and praying that nobody would actually pass them.

With each step the rubber tail poking out from between her soft, smooth ass cheeks wiggled back and forth. The bell on her collar tinkling softly. Her eyes were locked on the carpet in front of her. No, that wasn't going to stand. When she finally reached the six pack, she reached up to grab it. Riley didn't let go. Miria tugged. She lifted her head up to plead with Riley to let her get away from the door.

Her floppy pig ears poked out over her long, natural blonde hair. The unsightly pig nose clung to her face with an equally unsightly elastic, though it at least was tucked properly under her hair so she didn't look like a complete dunce. She looked from Riley to the hallway, and back. Her eyes were wide with panic.

"What do we say?"

"Please," her voice hushed and panicked. She tugged at the six pack, getting nothing. "Please!" She looked desperately to Riley for mercy, a hint, an order, something.

Riley tugged back at the six pack.

Miria's breath caught in her throat as they both heard a group of voices enter the hall, probably from the elevators. "Thank you," she pleaded, "thank you for getting piggy something to drink."

Riley let it go and shoo'd Miria away from the door. With her now free hand she grabbed the ineffectual do-not-disturb sign and put it on the outside door handle. She stumbled over herself as she stepped away from the door, cheeks burning and laughing in her own potential embarrassment.

"Fuck," she cursed, and then cursed again and again. "Go, go, put it them in the fridge." Riley put the bag with her own drinks down on the dresser and pulled out one of the bottles of water and taking a long drink.

Riley grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it on the ground in front of the desk chair. "Come here, come here." Miria crawled out from beside the bed where the mini-fridge was. She obediently sat in front of Riley, straddling the pillow, herself between Riley's legs.

Riley lightly guided Miria's head up and to her lips. They kissed. Miria's tongue pushed its way into Riley's mouth. She was okay, that's good, thank goodness. Miria briefly chased as Riley pulled back and leaned back in the chair, breathing deeply.

"God, I hate you so much." Miria laid her head against Riley's thigh. She cursed more between breaths.

Riley pet her gently and spoke softly, "Shush now. You're a good piggy and I love you. Shh."

With each stoke she could feel Miria relax, all the day's tension falling away. "I'm a good piggy," she whispered, seemingly to herself. When Riley looked down, her eyes were closed, and her face and ears were as bright as she'd ever seen them.

They sat quietly for what felt like an eternity to Riley, but was probably only a minute or two. The adrenaline faded from them both, and suddenly she felt exhausted.

"Do you want rest?" A moment passed before Miria nodded slightly. "Do you want to lie down on the bed?" A moment, longer than the last, passed before Miria nodded again. "Use your words, piggy. Do you want to lie down on the bed?"

Miria's face scrunched up slightly as she forced her eyes open, blinking up at Riley. "May I sleep on the bed?" She asked softly, barely awake now.

"Of course. Come on." As she stood up, Miria shuffled backwards off the pillow, landing awkwardly - and probably painfully - on her tail. She could be mean and comment on the wet spot on the pillow, but she already felt bed. Riley kicked off her shoes and rolled into the bed. Miria crawled up and wrapped an arm around her. They were asleep before she had a chance to remind them to take out the plug and take of the ears and nose. Dumb little piggy, she thought with a smile.