$Insert_Title, Shadowrun Campaign Summary

This is a quick summary of previous sessions.

System: Shadowrun, Fifth Edition

Notes: This campaign is presented as if it were a low-budget television comedy/drama. Frequent retcons and reshoots create a questionable narrative. Every episode begins with some seemingly unrelated scene which is then paused as the Producer expresses confusion and asks questions of the other staff, frequently Tom, what these scenes have to do with the show.


Hueco Carazon: An large Ork luchador known sparsely in underground fighting rings. 700 social media followers that assume he is a wrestling parody account. He does not speak Aztlan Spanish or Spanish.

Mr. Fahrenheit: A 5'0" Awakened human male specializing in special effects. Hueco's stage and career manager. His magical focus is a microphone. He does not understand the foundational concepts of stealth. Father of bad plans. He has 200 connections on Legally-Distinct-Business-Social-Media(tm).

Madoka: MeFeed personality, gaming sector. Previously had 600 subscribers but after an anti-corporate rant she was demonetized. Previously studied computer sciences. Recently emerged Technomancer. Struggling to find semblance of normalcy in her new life.

Engie: Socially anxious drone rigger. Drives a soccer mom-style minivan. Carries around a rotodrone stroking it like a super-villain. Repeatedly banned from MeFeed for being a bot account.

Jammer: Bald, hoodie under trench coat. Polarized glasses. Technomancer. Lives in a run-down arcade. Obsession with hacking any object within range, even if there is no reason to.

Episode List (Previous Sessions)

Episode 1: Pilot. Cast: Hueco, Mr. Fahrenheit, Engie.

The group rolls up to the Redmond border in your typical 90s-00s minivan. Once inside Redmond the group makes a scene, shouting into a megaphone while casting magic and flying armed drones, in front of a bar until some bikers from the Chrome Bones Motorcycle Club show up. Heuco gets in a fight with one of the bikers and after a short scuffle, Hueco wins with one solid blow.

Mr. Fahrenheit meets with Dominic, the leader of the Chrome Bones Motorcycle Club says that his group will help find some BTL thieves if Mr. Fahrenheit is willing to trade a drone. Engie reluctantly agrees once he finds out that it is to be a birthday present for a club member's son.

The group finds the BTL thieves hiding out in an abandoned house. They plan an assault around three Doberman drones with small arms mounted on them. Mr. Fahrenheit creates a momentary distraction while Hueco sprints across the street and Kool-Aid-Mans his way through the front door. The thieves surrender a cyberdeck and the BTLs they stole.

Episode 2. Cast: Hueco, Mr. Fahrenheit, Engie, Madoka.

The group meets their new Mr. Johnson in the back room of a bar. The Mr. Johnson is immediately recognized by the majority of the crew as being Stella Gamble - described at the player-level as "The Taylor Swift of Synth-Pop." The group is instructed to retrieve a guitar that is being shipped from Vancouver to Seattle before a rival team of shadowrunners can attack the same transport.

After the meeting the group meets at Mr. Fahrenheit's lodgings, which is the back-room of a local stadium. Madoka, a new character, contacts her fixer, Johnathan, to try to track down the other running team. Meanwhile, the rest of the group workshops plans to start a pizza delivery company, start a flash mob in the middle of the freeway, sell drone video of their runs, and purchase tear-away cop costumes.

The group runs into a dead end and go to a local bar, known to the party to be grounds for Shadowrunners, where they meet an Ork with a prosthetic arm named Slag. During a brief conversation both the party and Slag realize they are targeting the same transport. Meanwhile, in the matrix, Madoka meets Hog, who simultaneously have the same realization.

The party leaves and surveil Slag as he leaves the bar, contacting someone on his commlink from an alleyway. Mr. Fahrenheit says, "I have a plan."

Episode 3. Cast: Mr. Fahrenheit, Engie, Madoka, Jammer

Mr. Fahrenheit says, "I have a plan." The door of Hueco's panel van swings open revealing a new character, Jammer, who follows with "And I have coffee." Hueco is not present.

Jammer and Madoka combine their hacking talents to attempt to steal as much as possible from Slag's commlink. When Slag is tipped off, he contacts the briefly mysterious Manifest, the leader of the opposing shadowrunner team, for instructions. In an attempt to foil the party's attempts to hack his device, he turns it off and walks away.

Engie monitors Slag's movements via a drone until Slag gets into a black sports car with a green underglow. A car chase ensues where Engie comes to terms with the full extent of his capabilities as a rigger by successfully outmaneuvering the driver of the sports car.

Mr. Fahrenheit summons a magical wall in the middle of the road ahead of the fleeing vehicle, causing a serious crash. The group pulls a barely conscious woman from the diver's side of the vehicle and threatens away Slag, who was miraculously unharmed in the crash. They restrain the woman known as Manifest and pull her into the van to take her to Jammer's arcade.

Episode 4. Cast: Hueco, Engie, Madoka, Jammer

At Jammer's arcade, Hueco expresses frustration that things escalated as quickly as they did while he was getting soycafe. Mr. Fahrenheit is not with the group. Hueco spots Manifest pretending to be unconscious and calls her out on it.

Madoka performs OSINT on their captive, searching the matrix for all public information about her. She discovers that Manifest has not been broadcasting a fake SIN and finds that Manifest was a university student, speaks four languages, and wrote an academic study of the history of sexuality and erotica in eastern Asia. Madoka is intrigued by the book, but was disappointed to discover that it was not itself erotica. Engie purchases the book due to curiosity as it is revealed that he does not know what erotica is.

The interrogation is deescalated as the group and Manifest agree to work together, discovering that they are seeking different items from the transport. A member of Manifest's team threatens the team with an assortment of arms and drones if Manifest is not released. Manifest leaves with a promise to contact later to discuss the operation.

Madoka is invited to ice cream by Manifest a few days later. They meet and go to a park to discuss the plan. Hueco, Engie, and Jammer monitor the meeting from Engie's van. Hueco and Engie are inspired by Madoka's costume work to attempt to piece together a robotic tiger tail and ears for Hueco.The plan is settled on and put into action.

Episode 5: Yet to be aired. Conclusion of the first arc.